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Sunday, 23 June 2019

Tiếng Anh Giao Tiếp hàng ngày

Unit 1 : Job application
May I help you ? Hello, my name is …
You can fill out this job application
Should I use my full name or my nick name ?
Do you want my home address or my university address ?
Do you have a resume ?
Please have a seat, my boss will be with you in a moment
How are you ? It’s nice to meet you, please come in my office
Unit 2 : The job interview
I think I could do a very good job
I think I would enjoy being a salesman
How did you find out about this job ? I read about it in the classified ads in the newspaper
Do you have a transcript with you ?
Tell me about your past work experience
When I studied at the university, I worked part time as a sales clerk
Did you enjoy that job ? yes, I enjoyed it very much
I think you have the qualification for this job
I would like to welcome you to the company

Unit 3 : Mark’s first day
I have many meetings and I must prepare several reports
Please give Mr.Johnson a tour of our office
He is a new employee
I would like you to join me for a business conference today at 1 o’clock
Ok, Mr.Wilson. I’ll be there
Do you work here every day ? Yes, I work from Monday to Friday
So, you are free on Saturday and Sunday
I would like you to meet Tom and Susan, Tom is a purchasing manager and Susan is a marketing supervisor
Unit 4 : Responsibilities
How do you like your new job ? I think I like it a lot
What will be my work schedule ? You will be working about 40 hours a week
What time should I come in the morning ? You should be here around 9 o’clock in the morning
You can go home at around 5 in the evening
Unit 5 : Job description
We will pay for your gasoline and parking
You should try to meet with 5 to 10 customers every week
How long will my training be ? Usually our employees train for about 6 months
Do you have any brochures, or pamphlets about our products ?
Unit 6 : First business meeting
Linda, will you please take note of our meeting today ?
Susan, would you like to give your report now ?
I have a sales graph to show every one
Mark would like to give a presentation about his new job
Unit 7 : First contact with a customer
I would like you to go with me to a seminar / sure, no problem
You should probably call some customers and make some appointments
You will have more production and better quality if you use our products
Really ? That’s very interesting
Unit 8 : Meeting a customer
This page lists our products specifications and the chemical processes of our products
This page is about the high technology we used to research and develop our products
This page lists in detail all of the advantages your company will receive by using our products
So when would be a good time to meet at your office next week ? I think Tuesday morning is good
Unit 9 : Presenting a product to the customer
Your products are very interesting but I have some questions about the product
What would you like to know ?
You will have more production
You will have better quality if you use these products
I think this products is the best for your factory
When would you live me to come again to dissuss the results ?
Gime me one or two weeks to look at the data
Then I will call you
Unit 10 : Negotiating a deal
I heard the test went very well
Are you happy with our products ? yes, I am very happy with your product
How much does it cost ?
One bottle of our product costs about 20 dollars
I can discount the price for you
It’s a deal
Unit 11 : Making a general business report
How did your presentation go with Mr.Pearson yesterday ?
It went great. I got the deal
Wonderful, congratulations !
When are you going to send the product ?
I will send it next week
Is this s short or long term contract ?

Unit 1 : First time introductions
Hi ! My name is … This is my wife …
This is my husband … and our daughter …
Can we help you ? You don’t mind ? We don’t mind at all
We are happy to help our new neighbors
Unit 2 : Everyday greetings
Good morning, …Nice to meet you
How are you this morning ? I’m fine, thanks. And you ?
I am a little bit tired
I would like you to meet the … family
Unit 3 : Telephone greetings and invitations
Hello, this is the …residence
Hello, may I please speak with …
This is … speaking
I am sorry to bother you
Are you busy ? Not too busy
I am so happy you invited me to join you
How about, I meet you at the supermarket at 1 o’clock ?
Unit 4 : Asking for and giving directions
It is very easy to get to the supermarket
First you go straight on Main Street for about one mile.
At the second traffic light, turn left onto Grayson Avenue.
After you turn left, go straight about four blocks
The supermarket will be on you right hand side
Unit 5 : Returning from the supermarket
Just put those over there beside the sink
By the sink ? Yes, over there
You can put that beside the stove
Those can go in the refrigerator
These can go above the sink
That can go under the sink
Unit 6 : Refusails and excuses
We are you going ? We are going to Florida
Will you fly on an airplane ?
I’m sorry. I’m afraid we can not go
It would be too expensive for us
When are you going ?
I’m sorry. We are not free the last week of June
We don’t have enough vacation time
Are you sure you can not go ?
It would be impossible for us to go
Never mind, Sue. That’s OK
I really wish you could go, Sue
Unit 7 : Planning the vacation
Does everyone know what they want to do on the trip to Florida
Kathy and I want to go shopping every day
I think, we have too much to do in one week
We should make a schedule of everything we would like to do each day
On Sunday, we will go to the airport and fly to Florida
We will arrive at the hotel in the evening
Unit 8 : Going to visit Sue’s mother
You can borrow one
That’s very nice of you
You can borrow Joe’s racket
She can ? Yes, she can
We are not staying at home
We’re not ? No, we’re not
I talk to my mother on the phone this morning
You did ? Yes, I did

Unit 9 : Packing your bags
Why do you look so upset ?
I wanted to go to Florida with our friends
I’m frustrated
Don’t be upset
We are going to visit my mother
Why don’t you want to visit my mother ?
How about these blue pants ?
This red shirt will look nice with the blue pants
Should I take the large tan jacket, or should I take the small green sweater ?
What about my swimming suit ?
Unit 10 : At the doctor
What’s the matter ?
Are you allright ?
I hve a stomachache
Why do you have a stomachache ?
I think I should take you to the doctor
How do you feel today ?
Do you have a fever ?
Do you have a headache ?
Have you been feeling tired ?
Have you been eating these ?
Unit 11 : I am so sorry
Sue, I am sorry
I am really sorry
I don’t believe you

Please forgive me
I don’t forgive you

I was sick. I don’t believe you
I will forgive you if you forgive me
OK. We forgive each other
Unit 12 : Sleeping late
We are late
We have to go to the airport at 10.15
That means we have only 25 minutes to get ready
What time is it ?
Do you know what time it is ?
What time do we have to be at the airport ?
Do you think we will make it  ?
Unit 13 : At the airport
Can I help you ?
We are late for a flight to Florida
You need to hurry
What is your flight number ?
How many tickets do you need for you flight ?
We have six tickets
That flight has been delayed
Unit 14 : At the hotel
I am so tired
I am more than tired
I am exhausted
I am a little tired, but not too much
I would like to take a shower before we go out
Could we eat pizza ?
How about Chinese food ?
Can we go find some Chinese food ?
Unit 15 : At the Chinese restaurant
There are six of us
Is there a table free ?
How much is the soup ?
And what about the rice ?
How much does the rice cost ?
It is 1 dollar a plate
I think we would like six bowls of soup, six plates of rice, and one large duck
Thank you very much. You’ra welcome
Unit 16 : Congratulations
Hi ! Honey. I’m home
Where have you been ?
I went to the doctor
You have been gone for a long time
Joe, dear, I am not sick
Why did you go  a doctor ?
Darling, we are going to have a baby
That I terrific. I am so happy
This is terrific news
That is a terrific idea
This is great. Congratulations
This is fantastic. Congratulations, Joe
I am so happy for you and Joe


Unit 1 : What’s your name ?
What is your name ? My name is …
What is your address ? My address is 325 Park Street
What is your phone number ? My phone number is …
What is your job ? I’m a …
Unit 2  : Where are you ?
How are you ?
Where are you ?
Unit 3 : How expensive is France ?
How are you going to France ? I’m going by airplane
How long wil you stay ? I’ll stay for 2 weeks
How expensive is France ?
How much is your hotel ?
How far is your hotel from Paris ?
How much is the train ?
How expensive are the taxis ?
How expensive is the food ?
I just don’t know
I’m so happy
Unit 4 : How long ?
How long am I going to be in here ?
How long do I have to stay here ? A long time
How long is it going to take ?
Unit 5 : What time ?
What time do you close ? Tonight we close at 10 o’clock
What time is it ?
Unit 6 : Can I borrow a pen ?
Could/ Can I borrow a pen ?
May I borrow your/ my pen ?
Unit 7 : Why are you crying ?
Why are you crying ? I’m crying because I’m sad
Why are you yawning/ shouting ?
Unit 8 : Did you type those reports ?
Did you type those reports ? I forgot, I’ll type them now
Did you call Mr.Smith about the meeting ? No, I didn’t, I’ll call him now
Did you photocopy those letters ? I’ll photocopy them now
Unit 9 : I’m looking for a job
Can you type/ drive a car/ cook Chinese food/ speak French ?
What can you do ? I can iron, waxh clothes, clean my apartment, go shopping, wash dishes
Unit 10 : I’m looking for an ATM
Is there an ATM around here ?
Where ? It’s around the corner. You go straight and then you turn right
Wait ! or do you turn left
There’s one between the 7-11 and the bank
Unit 11 : What are you doing tomorrow ?
I’m going fishing
What are you doing tomorrow afternoon/ everning ?
What are you going to do at your mother’s house ?
Unit 12 : I lost my luggage
What is your flight number ? NW 027
I have two bags, one is large and very heavy, one is small
They are brown, made of nylon, not new
Unit 13 : Miss Universe
What country is she from ?
What does she do ? She is a fashion model
How old is she ?
What city are you from ?
Unit 14 : Do you have a pen ?
Do you have any paper ? Yes, I do/ don’t have some
How do you spell pen ?
What do you have ?
Unit 15 : What is your job ?
What do you do ?
I’m a secretary; I type letters; I answer the phone; make photo copies; make coffee; do filing
I’m a plumber; I fix pipes
Did you make the coffee ? Yes, I made a coffee

Unit 16 : Why don’t you wear this shirt ?
Why don’t you wear this purple/ white shirt ?
I don’t want to. It’s too old/ It’s for work, not a movies
Why don’t I wear this shirt ? That my shirt
Why don’t we have wine ? No, I don’t want wine
Why don’t you go to McDonalds ?
Why don’t we see “Advanced instincts”?
Unit 17 : I think I need a new job
I think he has in a meeting
Do I have a meeting tomorrow ? Yes, I think you have a meeting tomorrow
Unit 18 : I love you, too
I like you, too
Unit 19 : Who is it for ?
Who is this clock for ? That’s for my aunt.
Unit 20 : Why do you like the beach ?
Because it’s quite/ sunny
Why did you choose this hotel ? Because it’s cheap
Unit 21: I need a new shirt
I don’t  want to bother you
I need a new shirt for school. Here’s 30 dollars
What do you want ?
Can I borrow some money ?
How much ? That’s too much, Here’s 20 dollards. That’s not enough
Unit 22 : You are beautiful
Unit 23 : How much is it ?
How much it it by bus ?
How much time does it take by bus ? It takes 10 hours by bus
Unit 24 : What do you think ?
What do you think of my new blouse ? It’s OK/ I like it
Why did you choose a red bag ? I love red bag
Unit 25 : Would you like fish ?
What would you like to drink ?
Would you like a table near the window ?
Unit 26 : How far is it ?
How far ?
How far is it to the museum ? It’s about half a kilometer
That’s not far
How late are you open ? We are open until 5
Unit 27 : She always drinks orange juice
Excuse me. What is that woman drinking ? She always drinks orange juice
Ok ? Does she come here often ? Not often
She never drinks beer
Unit 28 : He’s out to lunch
I’m going out for lunch now
What time will you be back ? I’ll be back at one o’clock
Can I take a message ?
Do you want to leave a message ? OK. I’ll give him the message
Yes, I can give him a message
Unit 29 : I have to go shopping
Can you go to a movie with me on Friday ? I can’t. I have to go visit a friend in the hospital
Can you go dancing with me on Friday night ? I’m sorry, but I have to go shopping with my mom on Friday night
Unit 30 : Why are you late ?
You’re late
I’m sorry. I’m late
Why are you late ? I had to work late
Why did you miss the train ?
How did you get here ?
Are you crazy ?

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