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Sunday, 23 June 2019

Tiếng Anh khi đi Xin Việc

Lesson 1 are you today?
...would you like some coffee or tea?
...please follow me...we'll meet in the conference, please
Are you Mr Thomas? Thank you for coming/ Of course
Alright. Then please come with me
...could you give me one minute? ...I'll be right with you are you doing this morning? I'm doing fine
Thanks for being patient...things are quite busy here right now

Lesson 2
Tell me a little bit about yourself ?/ Could you tell me something about yourself? 
Well, my name is Doris Brown...I'm 27 years old and I'm single
How do you describe your personality?/ How do you describe yourself? 
I'm hard working, eager to learn...I enjoy working with other people...and I love challenge
I like being with people and helping people...I enjoy problem solving and challenging work...and I'm serious about my work but I also like to have fun
Have you finished your studies? Could you describe yourself briefly? 
Describe your personality to me? 
Well I'm a dedicated worker and a people person...I enjoy working as a team ...I also like to be in contact with the public
Do you have any family obligation? Yes, I'm married , with two-year old daughter...and I also have to support my parent
Lesson 3   Educational Background
Please tell me about your educational background
I graduated form Cornell University in 1994 with a BA in Computer Science
Why did you choose computer science? 
Well, Ever since I was young, I have been interested in computer when I entered university, I thought that a career in Computer would be a good choice
Have you ever studied outside the University?
Yes, I studied on my own and I took a evening course in a small computer school
How has your education helped you with this position? 
My education has taught me how to work hard and succeed ...and has taught me a lot about the society and business environment
Well I just graduated from Kansas state University two months ago with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration
How was your experience there? 
It was good experience for me ...I learned a lot ...It was challenging and rewarding
Can you tell me about your education? 
Yes, I studied political science at Michigan State University for four year ...I got my bachelor degree in 1990
...I also minor in business technology
How has your education helped with your work? 
It taught me basics of accounting and also about busines ...It taught me how to solve problems and how to work hard
Can you tell me about your previous job experience, pls ?
Sure. While I studied at university, I worked as an intern at Avery Publishing, I worked in the main office. After I graduated, I worked inn the same place full-time. I worked in administration at the main office, I was there for 4 years
Could you please describe your previous job experience ?
Yes. I graduated from university in 1990 and started woking for Sanwa bank. I’ve been with Sanwa Bank up until now
Why are you leaving ?
I’m looking for a job with more responsibility and flexibility
Has your experience been good ?
Yes, I’ve learned a lot about management and developed my job skills
Lesson 5 Special Skills
Do you have any special skills that would help you do this job ?
Yes, I’m pretty good with computers
Any other skills that would help you ?
Well, I speak fluent mandarin Chinese and I can read and write it fairly well
Do you have any other skills that might help you on this job ?
Yes. I have secretarial experience. I can answer phone calls, use a computer, type 60 works a minute, and speak French and Japanese
What special skills do you have for this job ?
I have good organizational skills
Lesson 6 The ideal job
Could you describe your ideal job ?
Yes, my ideal job would be challenging but secure
I’d like to work in a challenging job in marketing. I would like to work for an international financial company
What kind of hours would you prefer ?
I’m flexible, but I prefer to have the weekends off.

Lesson7 Describe your greatest strengths and weaknesses
What is your greatest strength ?
My greatest strength is persistence. I work really hard and I don’t give up easily
And what about your greatest weakness ?
This could be experience. I’ve only worked full-time for two years now. I think I need more experience
Can you tell me what your greatest strength is ?
I think it’s my quick thinking and decision making. There have been many times when I’ve been under pressure and made the right decisions
Lesson 8 Interests and free time
What do you do to relax or to have fun?
I like listening to music and I enjoy playing basketball
What are some of your personal interests outside of work ?
Well, I really enjoy gardening. It helps me relax. I also enjoy learning foreign languages
Can you tell me about some of your hobbies or personal interests ?
Well, I’m usually very busy talking care of my children. But when I do have free time I like to read and listen to music
Why are you looking for another job ?
There is no growth potential at my current job. I would like to work for a company that has more room to grow
Why did you leave your previous job ?
My company was downsizing because of the economy, so I was laid-off
Lesson 10 Handling Pressure
How do you handle pressure ?
I work very well with pressure. I prepare for it before it comes
How do you handle stressful situations ?
Well I try to stay as calm as possible
When I am with a customer I like to be respectful and responsible
How do you deal with streeful situations at work ?
I’ve had many stressful situations at work. I always try to stay patient. Whenever I’m feeling stressed, I breathe deeply to calm down
Lesson 11 Other Questions
Are you able to travel ?
Yes, I enjoy traveling
What about relocating ? Would you be able to relocate ?
Relocating would be difficult. You see, I have a family with 3 children
Are you able to work weekends ?
Well, I can work Saturdays, but not Sundays
Lesson 12 Why do you want this job ?
Why do you want to work here ?
Because this company has a good reputation
Why should we choose you for this job ?
I’m a very committed worker and I love challenges like this !
Why should we hire you over another person ?
Because I am qualified, and because I have the will to succeed !

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